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Chastain – ‘The Voice of the Cult’ (Reissue)

Shadow Kingdom Records
Doro, Crystal Viper, Omen, Dio, Warlock, Leather, Sölicitör, Manilla Road
Release Date
June 3, 2022
Shadow Kingdom Records
Heavy/Power Metal

                In the mid to late 80’s, Chastain had become one of the household names of the heavy/power metal genre. Led by hotshot guitarist David T. Chastain and the instantly identifiable vocals of Leather Leone, Chastain released a string of albums that have since become cult favourites of the genre. This year has Shadow Kingdom Records reissuing 1988’s ‘The Voice of the Cult’ on CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital release.

                For an album which has been relatively difficult to get hold of in the last 20 years, to have a decent album return to print is worthy of a purchase itself. Thankfully, the listener can have the choice as to what medium they choose; both the digital and CD versions of ‘The Voice of the Cult’ will come with two bonus tracks, alternative versions of ‘Chains of Love’ and ‘Evil for Evil’, giving them a little bit more bang. However, both the vinyl and cassette versions will be limited-edition, the latter will be available in as a red cassette, whilst the vinyl will come as both plain black as well as splattered vinyl but neither of these mediums will feature the bonus tracks offered to the CD and digital releases.

                It is good to have such cult album available once again on whatever medium the purchasers decide to invest in. Yeah sure, it’s not remastered, and it could have a little more in the way of incentives, but sometimes simplicity is key and this reissue of ‘The Voice of the Cult’ does it well.

"simplicity is key with this reissue"

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