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Schizophrenia – ‘Recollections of the Insane’

Redefining Darkness Records
Demolition Hammer, Solstice, Rapture, Sepultura, Sadus, Pestilence
Release Date
Redefining Darkness Records
Death/Thrash Metal

Formed from the ashes of Hämmerhead in 2016, Schizophrenia soon set about making their presence known. Taking the thrash metal of Hämmerhead and mixing it with death metal, Schizophrenia was ready to take things to the next level and after a hotly received EP ‘Voices’ in 2020, the expectation was high for this debut studio album ‘Recollections of the Insane’.

                It’s safe to say that the weight of expectation has not hung heavy on Schizophrenia because ‘Recollections…’ is an absolutely brilliant offering of death/thrash and the Belgian band hit the home run. From the off, Schizophrenia are taking no prisoners as thrashing neck-breaking riffs trade off with brutal death growls with tracks such as ‘Inside the Walls of Madness’, ‘Monolith’ and ‘Cranial Disintegration’ drive forward with the sound of a band raised on the likes of Demolition Hammer, Solstice and Rapture whilst also having all the massive appeal of early Sepultura, Sadus and Pestilence as ‘Recollections…’ leans heavily on the late 80’s without obsessing over nostalgia and keeping itself firmly rooted in the contemporary.

                There is a great DIY feel to ‘Recollections…’ and one that signals that bigger things are on their way for Schizophrenia; this is an album which never lets up for one minute and just when the listener thinks that they can have a breather, it hits them again dragging them back in a riptide of death/thrash and if anyone is a fan of this genre, ‘Recollections…’ is an album to seek out.

"bigger things are on their way for Schizophrenia"

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