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Two Ton Memory – ‘Stay Human’ EP

Independent Release
Deftones, Breaking Benjamin
Release Date
Independent Release
Alternative Metal/Hard Rock

Two Ton Memory (TTM) clearly has many influences, and their sound reflects each one beautifully. The last thing a new band wants is to sound like someone else. Unfortunately, this is the very thing dogging this band. The upside is they do it so damn perfectly, you don’t even care. TTM feels like a novel breath of air you didn’t know you needed. At only four songs deep, ‘Stay Human’ is as satisfying as any full-length album from their mentors. 

Filled with drop D acoustics, heavy as hell guitars that spindle and grate, ‘Stay Human’ flows with musical ferocity and genuine emotion. Dan Howell’s vocals alternate somewhere between Ty Tabor (King’s X), Burton Bell (Fear Factory), and all jagged points in between. At times, the harsh vocals are not so much a vocal technique, but a physical transition wrought from the subject matter. Either that or too many takes in the studio. Whatever the case, Howell’s vocals meld perfectly with his counterparts. Together they have created a sound that is crushing, yet somehow (at times) uplifting.

Songs of note: “Hallelujah” features an ominous spoken-word interlude and Howell demonstrating not two, but three vocal techniques. Fewer vocalists in the band mean more seats on the tour bus. Am I right?

“Here” shears and soars and demands to be cranked. There are a few flubs here and there (0:03, 0:08, 0:48, etc.) that only add to the authenticity. Maybe it’s just me, but hey guys, aren’t you glad we are indeed listening?

Two Ton Memory makes great music, shows tons of promise, and just might become Marietta, Ohio’s next favorite sons.

"Two Ton Memory makes great music and shows tons of promise"

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