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Celtic Frost – ‘Into the Pandemonium’

Release Date
Noise/Combat Records
Avant-Garde/Extreme/Symphonic/Gothic Doom/Thrash Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office we’re digging into a real classic by blasting out ‘Into the Pandemonium’, the 1987 album from extreme legends Celtic Frost. ‘Into the Pandemonium’ was the sound of Celtic Frost pushing the boundaries once more and releasing arguably their most varied release from a cover of Wall of Voodoo’s ‘Mexican Radio’ through to industrial power with ‘One in Their Pride’ as ‘Into the Pandemonium’ brought in elements of symphonic metal, gothic doom and thrash metal melded together to create one of the most influential albums ever. So this morning dig out your copy of ‘Into the Pandemonium’, crank up the volume because after we’re on the Mexican radio!

Come on in!

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