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Raven – ‘Rock Until You Drop’ (Over The Top Edition)

Hear No Evil Recordings
Anvil, Riot V, Exciter, Tank, Diamond Head, Saxon, Savage, Tygers of Pan Tang
Release Date
May 27, 2022
Hear No Evil Recordings
Heavy Metal

The NWOBHM movement was prime time for some of the best heavy metal albums ever written and in this period Raven delivered three superb albums. The first of which ‘Rock Until You Drop’ arrived in 1981 and now, 41 years on, Hear No Evil Recordings are reissuing ‘Rock Until You Drop’ as a four CD Over the Top Edition.

                The first to note with this ‘Over the Top Edition’ is that it isn’t actually officially sanctioned by Raven so therefore, this isn’t remastered, and it is the original CD sound for ‘Rock Until You Drop’. Alongside this, the ‘Over the Top’ Edition will feature the B-sides from the ‘Don’t Need Your Money’ and ‘Hard Ride’ singles as well the Neat Records compilation tracks ‘Let it Rip’ and ‘Inquisitor’. That was only disc one; disc two features the Neat Records live to two-track demo from 1980 as well the demo sessions from 1978. However, the real incentive here are the final two discs which will feature two live performances; one from Sasso, Marconi in Bologna recorded in 1982 as well as a concert recorded at the Manchester Apollo in the UK in the same year.

                Yeah ok, the quality isn’t the best here and the live tracks are medium quality at best, but for a pure collection of Raven, then this ‘Over the Top’ Edition is actually pretty cool as it contains everything from this era that the listener could ever want and ultimately, this is a fantastic album from one of heavy metal’s most consistent and influential genres.

"the quality might not be the best, but it does have pretty much everything the purchaser could ever want from this era of Raven"

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