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Gutricyde – ‘Gutricyde’ EP

Corpse Gristle Records
Frozen Soul, Mortician, Bolt Thrower, Embalmed, Blastwound, Gruesome Fate
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Corpse Gristle Records
Death Metal

                The Lone Star state and metal have a long and illustrious career, from blues to brutal death metal and grindcore, Texas knows its stuff. One such band were Embalmed whose brutal death and grindcore tore all asunder like an F5 tornado with their one-time guitarist Bret Smith forming Gutricyde with ex-Blastwound and Gruesome Fate man Lance White and now, Gutricyde have released their eponymously titled debut EP.

                 If the listener is expecting a three or four track EP demonstrating everything that Gutricyde are capable of then they’ll be shocked to see that ‘Gutricyde’ is just under 30 minutes long. Yes, that was written correctly. This EP is longer than Slayer’s ‘Reign in Blood’ as Gutricyde tear through an old-school classic death metal sound delivered with a real veteran expertise as tracks such ‘Texas Curb Stomp’, ‘Molestation of Decaying Remains’ and ‘Anal Pickaxe Maceration’ have all the gruesome brutality of Frozen Soul and Bolt Thrower, but also Mortician and Autopsy.

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There is a real enjoyability here as old-school brutal nostalgia reaches modern surgical steel; sure, this means that there is nothing here that fans of death metal will not have heard already, but when it comes to things like this, we don’t want new, we want it old school, we want it brutal, and we want it so fucking raw it’s still very much within its death twitches. ‘Gutricyde’ could and really should have been the bands debut album rather than an EP, but ultimately, it is a good way to start your career.

"a long EP but a good way to start your career"

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