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The Flower Kings – ‘Retropolis’ (Reissue)

Inside Out Music
Karmakanic, The Tangent, Spock's Beard, Transatlantic, Big Big Train
Release Date
May 27, 2022
Inside Out Music
Progressive Rock

The Flower Kings had hit the ground running with 1995’s ‘Back in the World of Adventures’ and less than a year later the Swedish prog legends returned with ‘Retropolis’. This year sees InsideOut Records beginning to tackle the entire discography of The Flower Kings and this time, it is the turn of ‘Retropolis’ to be reissued on both CD and vinyl.

                When it comes to doing reissues, InsideOut Records know exactly how to do it. Therefore, ‘Retropolis’ has been lovingly remastered to play perfectly on modern hi-fi and speakers and to further enhance this, part of ‘Retropolis’ has been remixed so that it sounds great on contemporary technology. ‘Retropolis’ will also come with an expanded artwork alongside photographs from the ‘Retropolis’ era, most of which are rarely seen. Furthermore, this will be available in a gatefold double LP as well as an LP booklet and CD.

                Much like the previous reissue of ‘Back in the World of Adventures’, this reissue of ‘Retropolis’ is perfect for any fan of The Flower Kings looking to add something extra to their wall of progressive rock and if you like your prog reissues delivered with care, respect and integrity, then ‘Retropolis’ is the place to be.

"this reissue of ‘Retropolis’ is perfect for any fan of The Flower Kings"

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