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Tank – ‘This Means War’ (Reissue)

High Roller Records
Motörhead, Warfare, Raven, Algy Ward's Tank, Angel Witch, Saxon
Release Date
May 27, 2022
High Roller Records
Heavy Metal

                The recent history of Tank may have become mired in a constant battle of wills as to who owns the name of the band. But in the past, the NWOBHM legends haven’t half released some excellent albums and this year has High Roller Records reissuing Tank’s third studio album ‘This Means War’ on both CD and vinyl.

                What we already know is that ‘This Means War’ is a superb album and much like the earlier reissues of ‘Filth Hounds of Hades’ and ‘Power of the Hunter’, the CD reissue of ‘This Means War’ will come in a slipcase which will also contain a two-sided poster for you to stick on your bedroom wall like its 1983 all over again. However, the main point here with these reissues is the vinyl edition; this is where High Roller Records always excel and therefore what the listener gets here is the chance to own a limited edition of ‘This Means War’ on either black, black and red bi-colour, electric blue/marbled black and a mail order exclusive electric blue with white and red splatter vinyl. These will come housed in heavy cardboard cover with a 5mm spine coupled with a bonus 7” in p/s with either a black, red, electric, blue or insert alongside a four page insert and a two-sided poster.

                It is good to have ‘This Means War’ readily available again on whatever format you desire, but if you are after the vinyl edition; this is strictly limited-edition, so you need to get ordering!  

"It is good to have ‘This Means War’ readily available again on whatever format you desire"

Come on in!

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