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Mastodon – ‘Remission’

Release Date
Relapse Records
Progressive/Sludge/Thrash Metal

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office, we’re blasting out a remorseless colossal predator with ‘Remission’, the 2002 debut album from progressive/sludge metal veterans Mastodon. Mastodon shook the world asunder when they burst forth onto the scene, they booted away every single nu-metal cretin with a singular giant claw. The mainstream metal was confused, jazz flair, heavy Sabbath riffs mixed with the progressive stylings of Dream Theater and it set Mastodon up perfectly for the remainder of their career with tracks such as ‘March of the Fire Ants’, ‘Trampled Under Hoof’ and ‘Trilobite’ still sounding as fresh and luscious today as it did back in 2002. So this afternoon, get your heavy on, get your progressive on and get your sludge on in one neat package by cranking up the volume to Jurassic levels, crushing and destroying everyone in your path!

Come on in!

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