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PIG – ‘Baptise, Bless & Bleed’ EP

Armalyte Industries
Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Cabaret Voltaire, KMFDM
Release Date
May 27, 2022
Armalyte Industries
Industrial Rock, Darkwave

As one of the founders and leading lights of Industrial music, Raymond Watts has been making consistently dark noises since the very early 1980’s. Here we find him and his companions closing out the quartet of EPs in the “Tarot” series, and the subject matter this time round is the insidious nature of religious extremism and fervour, and the frankly ridiculous nature of the human condition. Sounds like a recipe for a bright and cheerful party-banger record, no?

As with the preceding three works in this series, packaging and presentation are as important as the music itself; “Baptise…” is presented as a solid white 12” vinyl with a complex and beautiful die-cut sleeve. Inside there are lyrics, art, and three more Tarot cards to complete the sequence. All to a very high and polished standard, but what about the music? If you are already familiar with PIG, you’ll already know to expect Raymond’s dark and deep gravelly vocal histrionics, impassioned and despairing. Across the four tracks he is backed by an almost Gospel/Blues chorus who act as a stark counterpoint to the techno-inspired keyboards (some classic 90’s sounds get a real fresh coat of paint here!) and hellish solid riffing from the guitars. The performance, recording quality, and production allow every nuance of the craft to shine through. “Tarantula” in particular is a total mind-fuck on headphones. We approve of this. Of the title track, and lead video release, Watts says; “I wanted to brew up a song of bounteous horrors and delights for the barren of belief, bathed in the brutality and beauty of pure electronic savagery.”

Always a dark and dangerous pleasure to hear new music by PIG, this EP continues the legacy

"Tangible passion and darkness"

Come on in!

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