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Drift Into Black – ‘Earthtorn’

Black Lion Records
A Pale Horse Named Death, Paradise Lost, Vessel of Light, Trouble, Saint Vitus, Swallow the Sun
Release Date
May 20, 2022
Black Lion Records
Gothic/Doom Metal

Since their 2017 formation, Drift Into Black (DiB) have hit the ground running; the creative outlet for Craig Rossi have delivered three albums of solid doom laden gothic metal which have captivated listeners worldwide. Although less than a year has passed since DiB released ‘Patterns of Light’, the New Jersey outfit are back with their latest offering ‘Earthtorn’.

                With DiB, Rossi has never been afraid to wear this heart on his sleeve and therefore, what the listener gets here with ‘Earthtorn’ is another album of social commentary delivered through wonderful doom melodies and more than enough gothic bite that it easily begins at times to border on melodic death metal. This does mean that through the percussive double bass and rumbling guitars ‘Earthtorn’ is more than capable of bringing in listeners from various genres. Yet, where this album excels is its more doomy moments; this isn’t just about the tempo and the riff, it’s about the vocal delivery with tracks like ‘If Fell from the Sky’, ‘The March to Oblivion’ and ‘On Borrowed Time’ having a certain panache about it that although maybe not initially captivating, the listener soon finds themselves playing it over and over again with ‘Earthtorn’ having all the hallmarks of Trouble, Saint Vitus and Vessel of Light, but also Paradise Lost and A Pale Horse Named Death.

                DiB don’t exactly break any barriers down, but do we really need that? No is the answer. Therefore, ‘Earthtorn’ delivers a great album of solid metal which leaves the listener wanting more.

"a great album of solid metal which leaves the listener wanting more"

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