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Serpent Cobra – ‘Beware’ EP

Helter Skelter Productions
Pentagram, Luciferica, Mephistofeles, The Black Furs
Release Date
Helter Skelter Productions
Stoner/Doom Metal

                Black Sabbath are a band who’s influence runs far and wide; since the early 70’s, the Birmingham fab four have turned heads worldwide causing musicians to pick up their instruments, down tune their guitars, skin up and partake in the sweet leaf. One such band are Serpent Cobra as the Argentine band return for the first time since 2020 with their latest EP ‘Beware’.

                Serpent Cobra are a band who know which side their bread is buttered as the band pick up exactly where ‘Anatomy of Abuses’ left off by delivering an EP of raw stoner/doom which harks back to a different era. Containing only three tracks, ‘Beware’ gives the listener enough of a taste of what Serpent Cobra are all about as riffs from ‘Walpurgis Night’ and ‘Bloody Countess’ deliver pounding beats with enough raw flair to keep the listener entertained with vocalist Carolina Dusau giving their best performance giving all the feeling of an intimate performance with Serpent Cobra playing just for you in your front room.

                Yet, ‘Beware’ is what it is, it is little better than demo quality and whilst this gives the EP some integrity, it would be interesting to see what this band could do with a full production behind it. ‘Beware’ doesn’t do anything new, but if you like what you hear, then it will certainly cause you to not only check out the previous album, but also eagerly wait for something new.

"an EP which will tide the listener over quite nicely"

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