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Lintver – ‘The Worst is Yet to Come’

Independent Release
Warbringer, Evile, Testament, Exodus, Havok
Release Date
May 13, 2022
Independent Release
Thrash Metal

                In the last decade, thrash metal really has undergone a significant revival; not thrash with groove or metalcore or black metal or whatever else you want to stick with it, just pure old-school thrash metal and one band carving their own path out of Slovenia are Lintver who have delivered their latest studio album ‘The Worst is Yet to Come’.

                It may have been six years since years last delivered an album with 2016’s ‘Distorted Perception’, but the listener would be forgiven for thinking that wasn’t the case because with ‘The Worst…’, Lintver pick up exactly where they left off as they deliver raucous, brutal thrash metal which delivers a concussive blow of drumming and rapid fire riffs as tracks such as ‘Demoniac’, ‘Winds of Decimation’ and ‘Malevolent Infestation’ crash forward with all the gusto of not only Testament, but also Evile and Warbringer. This means that ‘The Worst…’ brings back a sense of nostalgia whilst keeping its feet firmly in the modern era.

However, as much as ‘The Worst…’ is very good, there isn’t anything here that hasn’t been done before and the listener will know exactly what they’re getting. This is not a bad thing and ‘The Worst…’ is an excellent offering of thrash metal by a band who are well on top of their game.

"an excellent offering of thrash metal by a band who are well on top of their game"

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