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Anvil – ‘Impact is Imminent’

AFM Records
Raven, Accept, Exciter, Saxon, Tank, Armored Saint, The Rods, Tokyo Blade
Release Date
May 20, 2022
AFM Records
Heavy Metal

Anvil are Awesome. See what I did there? Alliteration is key with Anvil. This is a band which have been massively consistent with their output throughout the decades and this year, the Canadian heavy metal legends are back with their latest album ‘Impact is Imminent’.  

                At this point in their career, we all know what to expect from Anvil, the Canadian band are hardly going to do anything different or new. But then again, we don’t listen to Anvil for that and ‘Impact is Imminent’ is another Anvil album showcasing exactly what Lips and co. are capable of as they deliver quality heavy metal with observational comedic musings and more sexual innuendo than the entire ‘Carry On…’ franchise put together. Tracks such as ‘Bad Side of Town’, ‘Another Gun Fight’ and ‘Lockdown’ are typically Anvil and could easily fit on any of their albums whilst ‘Fire Rain’ and ‘The Rabbit Hole’ are shining examples of Anvil at full throttle. However, the vocals for Lips are mixed a little weird, they don’t really seem to gel well, and it even feels a little bit rushed at times. Furthermore, 18 songs at just under 50 minutes is a lot to cram in and the two instruments wouldn’t be missed if they were forgotten and left on the cutting room floor.

                All in All… this is another typical release by Anvil, it won’t set the world alight, but it does deliver some solid heavy metal that is as enjoyable as any other of Anvil’s recent albums and if you like that, then ‘Impact is Imminent’ will fit perfectly in your album cabinet.

"All in All... this is another typical release by Anvil"

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