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Why we love that TIMECHILD covered Queen’s “Son And Daughter”

At the end of 2021, the Danish heavy rock band TIMECHILD released their debut album “And Yet It Moves”, and received top reviews and big praise from all over the world. Now the band is back with their new single and video “Son & Daughter”, where they have dug deep into their inspirations of the past and have reinterpreted this underrated and slightly atypical treasure from Queen’s first album from 1973. 

Here’s why we love that TIMECHILD covered Queen’s “Son And Daughter”.

  • It is a song that fits perfectly with Timechild’s sound universe with a powerful and soaring lead vocal and characteristic twin guitars and vocal harmonies.
  • They took a classic and added their unique Scandinavian expression, which is always a YES in our agenda.
  • Timechild’s inspiration is drawn from across both time and genres. The opportunity to dive into the music history of past decades, and through this define one’s own sound, is one of the greatest privileges that today’s musicians have at their disposal. 
  • It’s yet another opportunity to proudly show the band’s broad dynamic range. From quiet, dark and melodic passages to over-marching twin guitars and energetic heavy rock. 

Plus, they look, oh-so-cool in that video…

Timechild’s debut album, “And Yet It Moves”, is out now via Mighty Music.

Anders Folden Brink: lead vocals, rhythm & lead guitar
Birk: lead & rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Martin Haumann: drums
Daniel Bach: bass, backing vocals


Digital single:


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