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Lynchpin – ‘Millennial Holocaust’

Independent Release
Behemoth, Fit for An Autopsy, Thy Art is Murder
Release Date
Independent Release
Blackened Deathcore

Mark Twain once remarked that anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. But I’ve often wondered if one were to harness that inferno that burns within, the very essence that vexes the spirit. If that energy was drawn upon like the breath from a wind, what would be born from its womb? Would it be a structure to marvel at? Where venom and spite becomes the brick and mortar of this monument, or would it be a body afflicted with sores and boils bred from its own contemptuous hate?

‘Millennial Holocaust’ by Lynchpin is an album that ushers the listener’s senses, descending into the sub-levels of all that is vile, carnal and tenebrous. Its architecture emits the feeling as though it’s bones were manifested from a mind that has endured every facet of human negativity, soaked in the atrament of disgust, but the merits of this album emerges in its ability to translate these emotions into the six sermons etched into ‘Millennial Holocaust’.

But how does an artist allow another to inherit the very energy that surges within, how do you paint that which can only be felt beneath the flesh? This is where the musical arrangement ascends the album to a new elevation, for the blending of different genres such as Doom and Death, shaded with progressive elements and molded with the atmosphere that can be found in Black Metal…all interwoven into a singular entity adorned with Lynchpin’s Caribbean lifeblood to give form to their distinctive sound known as Caricore (Caribbean Core). However, it is not the maelstrom of these elements intertwined into each other that represents the zenith of ‘Millennial Holocaust’, but it is the rhythmic motions that mimic the fluctuations of this unbridled human essence. Tracks such ‘Three Nights of Debauchery’ and ‘Detained’ are just examples where the strings and percussion work in a symbiotic manner to create a distinct dissonance, as the different melodies accentuates the aura of the album, imbuing onto it a rather visceral yet potent quality.

The tongue of this beast, the one who dons the twain minded mask for onto which these words are spoken forth, is the very nucleus of this album, for if the strings and percussions summoned forth the misery and rage, the vocals becomes the variable that shapes these forces to its very will. What is appreciated is the juxtaposition between the ranges as well as the ability to convey such nefarious qualities within every breath. Songs such as the title track , ‘Millennial Holocaust’ and ‘Graves of a Thousand Unknown’  demonstrates these orphic patterns that are undertaken by the vocals, the energy that is emitted to showcase the depths that one can descend to where depravity is known. For at times the vocals dispels a power as though it can shake life into a barren wasteland and resurrect a valley of dried bones with its sheer cataclysmic might, but at the same time, can also turn a chalice of wine into writhing worms just by the shrieks that erupt from a serpentine tongue.

I have always maintained in the past, if any form of art should emit and weave an atmosphere that feels caliginous and malefic, then let it arrive from a vessel that is honest in its delivery, for it is like one who pours ink into a pond and pretends they are staring into the stygian void. In other words, the creation should feel organic in its construct, and not appear to be a grandiose facade. Where ‘Millennial Holocaust’ is concerned the aura that is fashioned gives forth the sensation as though the most virulent strain of hate was transmuted into that of sound, where the instruments and vocals are but mere conduits used to animate this force, bestowing onto it a body that feels almost tangible throughout one’s listening experience. It is because of these alchemic qualities injected into the album is why I would recommend this to any enthusiast of Extreme Metal and atmospheric art, as it can be viewed as a medium for the senses to be indulged and take flight upon sable wings.

“'Millennial Holocaust' evokes an unrelenting force that is able to transform a diadem of stars to that of sulfur and fire”

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