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Cave In – ‘Heavy Pendulum’

Relapse Records
Quicksand, Poison the Well, Glassjaw, Doomriders, These Arms Are Snakes
Release Date
May 20, 2022
Relapse Records
Metalcore/Post Hardcore/Alternative/Progressive Rock

Cave In are a band which have been around for over 25 years now with a career which has spanned through alternative rock, progressive rock, post hardcore and metalcore. This is also not a career which has been strewn with triumph with the major loss being Caleb Scofield who passed away in 2018; however, Nate Newton of Coverage, Old Man Gloom and Doomriders fame, stepped up to the plate. This year has Cave In returning for the first time since 2019’s ‘Final Transmission’ with their latest offering ‘Heavy Pendulum’.

What ‘Heavy Pendulum’ demonstrates is Cave In continuing to rock and endure with determination; this is a 14-song album delivered with a satisfying indication of perpetual persistence of talent and tenacity. From rolling bass grooves through sludge rhythms, grungy riffs and gritty vocals, ‘Heavy Pendulum’ is assertive throughout coupled with instrumental bursts of trippy interludes. This is not an album which lets up, through a laid-back hazy vibe, the title track suddenly becomes a scorcher whilst ‘Floating Skulls’ even touches on progressive metal. Furthermore, ‘Careless Offering’ is a song which conjures up a folk/metal vibe which although different, leaves the listener hankering for more. However, ‘Heavy Pendulum’ can be a little samey throughout the middle section, but with a few listens, it becomes a lot more palatable, dragging the listener through to the other side.

‘Heavy Pendulum’ is the sound of Cave In making a statement, it is the Massachusetts band showing that they easily have a hell of a lot more to give to the alternative world because what they have delivered is a good, all-round album which does exactly what it needs to do.

"a good, all-round album which does exactly what it needs to do"

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