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Blaze – ‘Silicon Messiah’

Release Date
SPV Records
Heavy Metal

This afternoon in Metal Digest office, we’re getting digital by blasting out ‘Silicon Messiah’, the 2000 debut solo album from Blaze. Following his swift departure from Iron Maiden to make way for the return of Bruce Dickinson; Blaze Bayley did not go back to Wolfsbane, no, instead he formed Blaze and delivered one of the best albums of his career with ‘Silicon Messiah’. This is a dark brooding album which continued to explore the hyperconnectivity of humans and technology which was such a big theme during the late 90’s and early 2000’s and although this would on the surface appear to be Blaze Bayley in the wilderness of mental health struggles; Blaze continued to drive forward with some fantastic heavy metal releases and if you shove nu-metal in the bin where it belongs, then you’ll find albums like ‘Silicon Messiah’ flying the flag the true metal. So dig out your copy of ‘Silicon Messiah’, crank up the volume and reach for the horizon!

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