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Stercore – ‘The Death Head’

Gothoom Productions
As We Divide, Fixed Fight, Ode Of Disgrace, Throat
Release Date
Gothoom Productions

Stercore’s first demo EP ‘Raven Nest’ was released back in 2012, after 10 years of determination, consistency, hard work & 2 albums, following from a frenzied lockdown writing period Stercore have returned in January 2022 & released their 3rd studio album ‘The Death Head’ on Gothoom Productions.

From the get-go with track 1 ‘Mankind’, Stercore spares no time to cave in your head with a beauteous sonic breakdown that continuously evolves, revealing what an adventure you are about to embark on.

For the rest of the album from ‘Echo’ & ‘Failure’ through to ‘Salvation’ & ‘R.I.P.’ there is no denying that Stercore is up amongst the elite of deathcore artists, by perfecting & improving all the filthy breakdowns, upbeat riffage & melodic solos we know & love, they have made a true masterpiece with ‘The Death Hand’.

Consistency is key in the music industry & Stercore has consistently been phenomenal!
‘The Death Hand’ is a fitting next chapter in this band’s blossoming career, if you like what you hear be sure to also check out their previous albums ‘Eternal Sunlight’ (2017) & ‘Indifference’ (2019).

‘The Death Hand’ is available now on CD Digipak, Digital, Streaming & Vinyl.

"A true masterpiece with 'The Death Hand'"

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