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Mezzrow – ‘Then Came the Demos’

Hammerheart Records
Xentrix, Defiance, Napalm, Agony, Hellraiser, Fallen Angel
Release Date
May 13, 2022
Hammerheart Records
Thrash Metal

One of the downsides (or upsides) to vinyl is that it just doesn’t have the space capacity compared to that of the CD and for reissues, this can often lead to extra vinyl being paid for or alternatively, just parts that are omitted entirely. This year has Hammerheart Records reissuing Mezzrow’s cult album ‘Then Came the Killing’ on both CD and vinyl. However, the demo bonus tracks fitted onto the CD which were missing on the vinyl edition can be purchased separately as ‘Then Came the Demos’.

                For those looking to see what you get with the original album, the review of that can be seen at the link below and that won’t be touched here; what will bet the focus is ‘Then Came the Demos’, where the listener will get access to the Mezzrow demo’s of ‘Frozen Soul’, ‘The Cross of Tormentation’ and ‘Demo 1991’ that will arrive as a limited edition double vinyl printed in either the colour black or Coke bottle green with a black splatter.


Hammerheart Records have stated that this will be strictly limited edition and that once these copies are gone, they will not be repressed. Therefore, if you would like a piece of Scandinavian thrash metal history which shows Mezzrow at their most primal, then you’ll need to get your order in quick because things like this don’t stay sat there for long!

"a piece of Scandinavian thrash metal history on vinyl which shows Mezzrow at their most primal"

Come on in!

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