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Hyperia – ‘Silhouettes of Horror’

Independent Release
Exmortus, Arch Enemy, Unleash the Archers, Satan's Host
Release Date
Independent Release
Melodic Thrash/Death Metal

Chemical analysis has shown that there is something in the water in Calgary, Alberta and for once it’s not dinosaur poo, maybe it is, who knows? Because the number of bands stepping out of the Canadian province is impressive. One such band are Hyperia who are back with their sophomore album ‘Silhouettes of Horror’.

                With ‘Silhouettes…’ Hyperia continue to drive that thrashing melodic death sound that the band have been pursuing from their very first EP way back in 2019… in the before times… before Covid. Thankfully, the melo-death is just a garnish to meal of modern thrash metal, this is neck-wrenchingly good riffage delivered through a neat production as tracks such as ‘Experiment 77’, ‘Terror Serum’ and ‘Operation Midnight’ show a band in full throttle having all the hallmarks of Havok and Warbringer and Exodus. Yet, there is so much more here than just another thrash album, the melodic death touches bring in elements of Arch Enemy whilst the virtuoso guitaring and powerful is a call to arms for Exmortus fans. However, what stands tall here are the banshee vocals of Marlee Ryley who brings all the energy of Noora Louhimo as well as fellow Canadian Brittney Slayes from Unleash the Archers.

                Hyperia have continued from their excellent debut and ‘Silhouettes…’ is the sound of a band on a roll, long may it continue.

"this is the sound of a band on a roll"

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