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Buster Shuffle – ‘Go Steady’

Do Nothing Records
Madness, Bad Manners, Skaos, Scrapy, Skarface
Release Date
Do Nothing Records
Ska/Two Tone/Punk

Buster Shuffle have been playing ska/two tone/punk for the best part of ten years now with the UK band having the sound and enjoyability of Scrapy and Skaos as well Madness and Chas and Dave and this year has Buster Shuffle returning with their latest album ‘Go Steady’.

With ‘Go Steady’, Buster Shuffle show just how clever and witty they are, and the band have it by the bucketload here and even Billy Bragg would relish in appreciation at these lyrics. But what is ska with energy? ‘Go Steady’ is a kinetic ball, it never stops moving and it is this which makes it contagious, compelling the listener to skank along to its frantic piano and meddlesome bass lines coupled with massive hooks and boundless compulsive enthusiasm, particularly during ‘Puke in the Duke’ and ‘New Badge for My Uniform’ which are stuffed pull of punk taunts, jibes and jokes.

However, ‘Go Steady’ is a slow burner of an album, for all its energy, it does take numerous listens to improve and strengthen its place, but it is a well written album with a great spirit and reverence which shows a great maturity. There is no pretension, no supercilious nonsense here, just good old-fashioned ska. 

"There is no pretension, no supercilious nonsense here, just good old-fashioned ska"

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