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Skills – ‘Different Worlds’

Frontiers Records
Mr. Big, Brother Against Brother, Talas, The Winery Dogs, Electric Mob
Release Date
Frontiers Records
Hard Rock

                Frontiers Records are really good at one thing and that is assembling various stellar musicians to bring all their talents the table for an album of hard rock that hits the spot. The latest band to test their metal are Skills who are formed by Renan Zonta of Electric Mob/Brother Against Brother, Brad Gillis from Night Ranger, David Huff from Giant and the beast of bass Billy Sheehan who release their debut album ‘Different Worlds’.

                Naturally, with a horde of musicians of this calibre, it is hardly surprising that ‘Different Worlds’ is a masterclass of musicianship and Skills deliver a great album of hard which managers to blend past glories with modern power. ‘Different Worlds’ is an album which places melody at the forefront of everything that they do and much like bands like Mr. Big, Talas and Steve Vai, there is virtuoso musicianship throughout as Brad Gillis and Billy Sheehan blend together perfectly. Furthermore, what makes ‘Different Worlds’ so accessible are the vocals of Zonta; this is a man whose star is very much in ascent in the rock world and this album is an excellent example as to exactly why with Zonta delivering a wonderful performance.

                It is hardly surprising that Skills have delivered an album of this standard; this is an excellently produced album and hopefully this will be the start of something a little more permanent than a one-off album because it deserves so much more.

"Skills have delivered a high-quality album"

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