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Budgie – ‘In For The Kill!’

Release Date
MCA Records
Heavy Metal

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office we’re delving into the world of cult 70’s rock/metal by digging out ‘In For the Kill!’, the 1974 album from Welsh legends Budgie. Sadly, these days Budgie tend to be remembered more for having Metallica cover two of their songs, one of which, ‘Crash Course in Brain Surgery’ is featured on this album. But, Budgie showed time and time again that they could make themselves a heavy metal power trio with many bands from thrash and the NWOBHM era (looking at you Steve Harris), borrowing many parts, particularly from this album. Furthermore, ‘In For the Kill!’ features many Budgie fans’ favourite fracks, from the aforementioned ‘…Brain Surgery’ through ‘Zoom Club’ and ‘Hammer and Tongs’ as Burke Shelley did his best to avoid looking like a tribute act to Geddy Lee. So this afternoon, crank out this album loud and driver yourself insane!

Come on in!

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