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Primitive Man – ‘Insurmountable’ EP

Closed Casket Activities
Thou, Black Tongue, Fórn, Mizmor, Grief, Coffinworm, Indian
Release Date
May 13, 2022
Closed Casket Activities
Sludge/Doom Metal, Noise

With the recent traction this Denver doom trio have been gaining, it’s no surprise that their newest release ‘Insurmountable’ hits like a fucking train. The sludgiest, doomiest forever-pounding-you-into-oblivion band is back. These guys do not mess about. It’s straight up death doom, straight from hell.

Primitive Man is a name doom connoisseurs have been throwing around generously for a while now, and it’s evident why. ‘Insurmountable’ has kept the thunderous power and soul-rupturing momentum of their previous full length release ‘Immersion’, except with an even dirtier production, and dissonance so profound that you can hear the clashing of the frequencies as they ring out. Heavy enough to break the sky, and ominously glorious enough to make a thousand rugby players shit themselves, ‘Insurmountable’ is something genuinely cataclysmic.

Grinding music to a pulp for what seems an eternity, the tones in this EP really push the boundaries of music itself. Bass, drums and guitar are fully locked in, pulverising your ears, the bass jangles below the mix, blended with a thicc guitar tone. The guitar has the most varied timbre, as it rotates between chugs, chords and trem picked parts, almost all of which are so low that its pitch is ambiguous. There is a distinct ‘lead’ guitar layered with effects to add a very atmospheric element to this sound. Harsh vocals reign supreme, with no give on their filthy and distorted sound. Drums mostly stick to classically doomed lower sub divisional beats, with the occasional blastbeat thrown in for good measure. Braison and brutal, there’s a very clear and hateful message behind ‘Insurmountable’.

Featuring ambient noise track ‘Boiled’, which sound as if it’s coming from the bowels of the Earth, ‘Cage Intimacy’ begins with the screeching screaming guitar feedback that is terrifying enough to haunt your dreams, and a rendition of Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Quiet’, which may as well be an original song in its own right, as there is no semblance of Smashing Pumpkins left in this cover. With the length of ‘Insurmountable’ almost breaching the 40 minute mark, it’s difficult to classify this as an EP. This ‘EP’ is ruthlessly deadly and unforgiving, it’s hard to imagine how music can get heavier than this.

Caution must be taken listening to this ‘Insurmountable’, as you risk drowning in its viscosity. I guess this is what it’s like to be crushed by a black hole.

"Denver's Primitive Man expose torturous EP 'Insurmountable'"

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