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Hebosagil – ‘Yössä’

Svart Records
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Solstafirr, Amenra, Fistula
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Svart Records
Speed/Thrash/Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal
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February ‘22 saw an assault on the barricades of genre-identity on many fronts. So many bands conspired to release interesting and captivating albums that were hard to pin down; and this is no exception. From an early career as Noise Metal upstarts, Hebosagil now reach their fifth full length release, and do so in many ways you wouldn’t necessarily been expecting.

With a confident and mature song craft, ‘Yössä’ is their most diverse and consistently interesting record to date, with no loss of identity, or even a moment of pause, elements and stylisms as diverse as Post-Metal and Melodic Death Metal rub shoulders with clean Alternative Rock and Metal with a satisfying ease.

This is an album that is entirely focused on the songs; style and context are of less importance. The album’s lyrics, all sung in the Finn’s native Suomi, deal with a grown man’s perspective of his youthful former glories, and how life passes us by so very quickly. The energy never drops despite the twisting and turning nature as we change pace and genre from each and every song-to-song. The full headbangers such as “Maahan” unleash with pounding, almost industrial rhythms; slower paced songs such as “Kellet soi” slowly give their malice away with sweeping chromatic climaxes worthy of any Post-Metal behemoth.

"A considered and mature album that never dips below a high standard"

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