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Bruce Dickinson – ‘Accident of Birth’

Release Date
Raw Power/Castle/CMC International/Victor Records
Heavy Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office, we’re blasting out ‘Accident of Birth’ the 1997 solo album from Bruce Dickinson. After his early 90’s experimental albums of ‘Skunkworks’ and ‘Balls to Picasso’, Dickinson returned with what the fans wanted with ‘Accident of Birth’, pure solid heavy metal. Furthermore, for this album, Dickinson brought in Adrian Smith to play guitar and help with some of the song writing alongside excellent producer Roy Z which helped to recapture Bruce Dickinson’s energy and heavy metal qualities. Not only was Dickinson’s star back in ascent, he also managed to create not just one of his best solo albums, but also one of the best heavy metal albums put to record and alongside ‘The Chemical Wedding’, it helped pave the way for both his and Adrian Smith’s return to Iron Maiden in 2000. So this morning, dig out your copy, find your dark side of Aquarius and crank it up loud!

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