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Armored Saint – ‘Symbol of Salvation’

Release Date
Metal Blade Records
Heavy Metal

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office we’re blasting out ‘Symbol of Salvation’, the 1991 studio album from Armored Saint. For Armored Saint, this would be their last album for a good few years as vocalist John Bush would go on to replace Joey Belladonna in Anthrax. But this wasn’t some bare faced limp over the line, Armored Saint marched on and on and even though guitarist Dave Prichard would die of leukaemia in 1990, his prowess could be felt all over the album as tracks such as ‘Reign of Fire’, ‘Hanging Judge’ and ‘Dropping Like Flies’ found themselves standing tall and even today still have pride of place in Armored Saint set lists. So this afternoon crank up the volume loud and show your spineless neighbours who is boss!

Come on in!

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