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Grand Magus – ‘Sword Songs’

Release Date
Nuclear Blast
Heavy Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office, we’re getting out armour on because we’re blasting out ‘Sword Songs’, the 2016 album from Grand Magus. As an album, ‘Sword Songs’ may not have hit the dizzying heights of ‘Triumph and Power’, but that didn’t stop Grand Magus from offering a solid offering of fist pumping heavy metal that forced the listener to whack their fists in the air in machismo chest beating synchronicity. ‘Sword Songs’ showed Grand Magus continuing to hone their blade and ride into battle for the glory of Odin, Freja and Thor. So this morning, crank the volume up loud and get everyone around you to bow in submission because remember, Viking metal will bring you to your knees!

Come on in!

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