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Motor Sister – ‘Get Off’

Metal Blade Records
Mother Superior, Armored Saint, Bad Company, Thunder, Black Crowes
Release Date
May 6, 2022
Metal Blade Records
Hard Rock

                Scott Ian of Anthrax is no stranger to kicking back and having some fun with a side-project or turning up at places for an all-star jam of good old fashioned heavy metal. When Scott Ian, Pearl Aday, Jim Wilson, Joey Vera and John Tempesta got together to pay tribute to Mother Superior as Motor Sister in 2015, who would have thought that those cover songs would lead to an enjoyable side-project with the band releasing their sophomore album ‘Get Off’.

                What Motor Sister deliver with ‘Get Off’ is just over 42 minutes of pure hard rock n’ roll, this is the sound of a band having a hell of a lot of fun and they’re going to let you know all about it. When a song starts with the shout: “the world’s going to hell and we’re playing rock n’ fucking roll”, you know exactly what you’re in for. Tracks such as ‘Can’t Get High Enough’, ‘Bulletproof’ and ‘Excuse Me, Your Life is Exposed’ show a band with a hell of a lot of soul with a melting pot of ideas and sounds which ultimately all boil down to some real good, no bullshit rock n’ roll hitting the listener like a cocktail of whiskey and kerosene touching on sounds ranging from Armored Saint, through Thunder and Bad Company and of course, Mother Superior. However, one of the more interesting tracks is ‘Lion’s Den’, a track that is so undeniably Anthrax that you’d expect Joey Belladonna to start singing at any moment.

                ‘Get Off’ may not be initially to everyone’s taste, but this album is a massive grower and before too long, the listener will be finding it really hard to not stop playing it. It is thoroughly enjoyable and if ‘Get Off’ opens up a new chapter in this bands life, then fuck me, it’s worth getting hold of.

"a massive grower that the listener will find hard to not stop playing"

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