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Children of Bodom Speak For The First Time Since The Band’s Breakup

Remaining Members of CHILDREN OF BODOM Conduct First Interview Since The Band’s BreakupRead The Exclusive Interview via Helsingin Sanomat HERE
“When we decided to go our separate ways and stop performing together as COB, many were left confused. We sat down with Vesa Sirén from Helsingin Sanomat to clarify our past relationship with Alexi and the events that led to the breakup. It has been a heavy burden to bear, and we are finally able to tell our side of the story.” – Remaining Members of Children of Bodom (Henkka, Janne & Jaska).
“Alexi was the only one to do interviews about the band breaking up, and his versions diverged from the truth.” 
(Excerpt from the interview with Henkka, Janne, and Jaska in May 2022 by Vesa Siren for Helsingin Sanomat)
”’I have no choice but quit the fuckin band. U can post this to everyone,’ wrote Laiho, and added that he was ‘bankrupt’.”
(Excerpt from Vesa Siren’s interview, which has an excerpt from an email conversation between the band and their manager in 2018)

Read the full article HERE

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