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Sabaton – ‘The Symphony to End All Wars’

Nuclear Blast
Apocalyptica, Eicca Toppinen, Jelonek, Antti Martikainen
Release Date
May 6, 2022
Nuclear Blast
Symphonic/Symphonic Power Metal

Let’s take a quick detour into media in general at the moment, particularly gaming; these days, there’s always the bog standard one, the special edition, the special, special edition and the ultimate super-duper remortgage your house edition. Sadly, this has started to creep into music and one band that has embraced this are Sabaton and now the power metal band have released ‘The Symphony to End All Wars’, a symphonic version of their latest album ‘The War to End All Wars’.

We already have ‘The War to End All Wars’, we also have ‘The History Edition’ and now, ‘The Symphony…’ is surprise, surprise, a symphonic version of the album. As expected, this is delivered wholly orchestrated with no lyrics as Sabaton add another palette of colour to their artwork. This album is beautifully delivered, fully instrumental and lets the music do the talking allowing the listener to fully immerse themselves within the music and experience the whole thing differently.

But does the world need this? Do you, the purchaser, need to go out and buy ANOTHER version of ‘The War…’ at the same price they already paid for the original album? The answer, no, not at all. This would been a decent bonus disc, but to actively release ‘The Symphony…’ as a separate album? You have to have either have too much money to spare or be a huge Sabaton collector to consider this purchase and if neither of those fit your bill, then buy another album instead because this is just a blatant cash in.  

"Does the world really need this?"

Come on in!

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