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Reveal! – ‘Doppelherz’

Sepulchral Voice Records
Venom, Opeth, WORM, Enslaved
Release Date
Sepulchral Voice Records
Black/Death/Thrash Metal

In the modern age of metal, it’s hard to generate something new and unorthodox, a tried and tested method is an unconventional meshing of multiple genres. Reveal! of Sweden have certainly got this nailed. Their new album ‘Doppelherz’ has more flavours in it than your dad’s awful fusion food, but with a hell of a better result.

Blending a cavernous assault of dissonance with a jarring mix of genres, Reveal! have really reached deep into the pack of biscuits this time. With remnants of progressive metal, death metal, black metal, symphonic, thrash and doom, it’s quite an earful, enough to churn the insides of the most seasoned metal veteran. Very strange interludes of difficult to digest noises, chromatic descents and tortured first wave black metal/thrash esque vocals excrete the feeling that it’s actually impossible to hammer down a sonic theme to this album. Every time you think you know what’s coming, ‘Doppelherz’ slides through your fingers like the wretched, slimey abomination that it is.

Some of the more groove laden riffs bring out the coherent guitar tone’s power, the lead lines well placed and impactful, exercising their ability to creep-ify the sections. Some solos give off a traditional metal vibe, but then mutate to include doomy or thrashy elements. The drummer loves their cymbals, fills janky beats, frequented by tempo and meter changes swell enough to pop your sphincter. There is the inclusion of some tastefully placed blast beats, but not enough to pin it to a traditional extreme metal style. The bass is chonky and reinforces the riffs like an overpaid security person at a Dying Fetus show. 

Vocals are well supported, with a pinch of Venom about them, not quite fully distorted, but bordering on atonality. They sound sludgy and disgusting, like someone may have shit on the vocalist’s bed prior to recording.

All in all, the job of reviewing this album is pretty hard. Who does it appeal to? What is it comparable to? Black metal harmonic minor progressions and blastbeats transcend to sludgy stoner bouncing riffs, which warp into proggy, jolting sections, thrash-esque passages then take over before mutating into some spooky-ass intermission. The only fair conclusion to draw is that ‘Doppelherz’, is a fucked up appeal to all things absurd and creepy. You’re compelled to listen and then to keep listening, like some awfully brilliant mental, metal ensnarement.

"Sweden's Reveal! reveal the unnerving genius of their album 'Doppelherz'"

Come on in!

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