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Pantera – ‘The Great Southern Trendkill’

Release Date
East West Records
Groove Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office, we’re blasting out ‘The Great Southern Trendkill’, the 1996 album from Pantera. By 1996, Pantera were the kings of the heavy metal world and with ‘…Trendkill’, the band kicked back against the oncoming wave of nu-metal by delivering their most aggressive album. This album was groove metal to its core, it grabbed a huge dose of thrash metal and large elements of death metal, particularly with Phil Anselmo’s vocal delivery. However, where ‘…Trendkill’ really excelled is the guitar playing and this offering from Pantera is arguably Dimebag Darrell’s Magnum Opus with tracks such as ‘Drag the Waters’, ‘Suicide Note Pt.1/II’ and the magnificent ‘Floods’ which is quite possibly the best thing musically that Dimebag ever put to tape. So this morning, wake the neighbours with an album of pure aggression and give them a real sandblast with ‘…Trendkill’.

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