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Swedish Gothic Doom Entity DRACONIAN Announces New Lineup

After introducing their new guitarist, Niklas Nord (MyteriDeathTrapThe Random Victims) a few days ago, Swedish gothic doom entity DRACONIAN is thrilled to have more exciting news to share that will warm the hearts of every fan! The inimitable Lisa Johansson, vocalist on the band’s first five albums, will now re-join as a permanent member, sharing singing duties with incredible Anders Jacobsson for more enigmatic music to come. After the release of their fifth studio album, A Rose for the Apocalypse, in November 2011, Lisa Johansson had to leave DRACONIAN due to personal reasons. In September 2012, the group officially announced Heike Langhans as their new vocalist, who will now leave the band with a focus on family and her own musical projects. To honor this special occasion and heat the fire of a bright future to come, DRACONIAN is delighted to announce that they’ll play at Hellfest (FR) on June 25th as a seven-piece special arrangement, with both Lisa and Heike on stage. This will be Heike’s final show and the perfect opportunity to pass back the torch to Lisa. The full show will be streamed live and will also be available for viewing at a later date. Heike Langhans comments:“10 years with any band is no small thing and I thank DRACONIAN for the wonderful opportunities and challenges that made me confident in my path forward. The time has come for me to start a new chapter in music and life that requires my undivided focus. I’m so grateful to Lisa for being here to step in and seeing the old songs performed in the way they should be, will be as much of a treat for me as the rest of our listeners!Thank you for all the friends and supportive fans I met along the way. I have much more in store for you all this year, so please no sadness I wish the band great success in 2022 and beyond!“ Lisa Johansson adds:With great excitement and with a humble heart, I rejoin DRACONIAN. I’m still a bit surprised that Johan called to ask me if I could consider touring with DRACONIAN again. Also that I said, without any hesitation, “Sure, I will!” I wish my newfound friend Heike Langhans – who has the most beautiful voice – all the best of luck and prosperity in her future. I’ll try my best to do her songs justice. See you on the road!”
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Under A Godless Veil.jpg
[cover artwork by Natalia Drepina]

DRACONIAN’s last full-length, Under A Godless Veil (2020), entered the charts in several countries. The prodigious album marks the unit’s most successful record to date and delivers a captivating mélange of dreary doom and contrasting vocals, and mixes Heike Langhans’ angelic voice with Anders Jakobsson’s death growls.

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Anders Jacobsson – vocals
Heike Langhans – vocals
Lisa Johansson – vocals
Niklas Nord – guitar
Johan Ericsson – guitar
Daniel Arvidsson – bass
Jerry Torstensson – drums

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