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Æon Spoke (ft. Paul Masvidal) Digitally Releases Debut Album

To celebrate today’s Bandcamp Friday, post rock band Æon Spoke is now releasing their debut album digitally! A vinyl counterpart will be released at a later date by Season of Mist – more info to be revealed soon! In the meantime, the record can be streamed and downloaded exclusively via Bandcamp at THIS LOCATION.

In conjunction, the band is now sharing a music video for the song “Emmanuel.” “Emmanuel” is the song highlighted at a crucial, dramatic moment in the remarkable film ‘What the Bleep Do We Know?’ starring Marlee Matlin, and contains interviews with Joe Dispenza, John Hagelin among many other notable thinkers. The film was a smash hit in the states, and the DVD release sold over a million units, which included a special edit of the “Emmanuel” video, featuring scenes from the film along with the band performing. The song and video can be found at THIS LOCATION.

“I think these are some of the best songs I’ve ever written,” says guitarist Paul Masvidal of post-rock band ÆON SPOKE, who formed after CYNIC‘s first breakup in 2004. Masvidal is a founding member of progressive metal pioneers and the highly influential Season of Mist group, CYNIC, and was also a member of the legendary band, DEATH on their best-selling and seminal record, Human. Rolling Stone magazine listed the album as one of the greatest metal albums of all time.
ÆON SPOKE’s album contains three bonus songs from the original independently released album ‘Above the Buried Cry’ and ten tracks from SPV Records original 2007 release. Masvidal continues, “I took this record offline after Sean Reinert died. It was too much for me in the wake of everything that happened and I felt too raw to keep the music out there. I needed to bring it closer to home as one of the precious things we shared when we first got back together.” 

“Lyrically the record explores the depths of spiritual isolation that underlies the human condition,” explains lead singer and lyricist Paul Masvidal. Paul had worked as a caretaker for the dying while writing the songs for this record, doing music therapy for transplant patients and other critically ill people. “I came to find out what was most important about living through working with the dying.”


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