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Crowen – ‘Prophecy’ EP

Inverse Records
Amorphis, Moonsorrow, Finntroll
Release Date
Inverse Records
Melodic Death/Folk Metal

Thunderous, mystical, melodic death metal. Tickle your appetite? Wet your whistle? Stimulate your riff glands? Then go and listen to Crowen’s new EP ‘Prophecy’. Perfectly balanced, weaving through realms of folk, melodic metal, death metal brutality, symphonic passages, a pinch of metalcore and even black metal-esque blasts. This EP has a shedload of sounds packed into it.

Featuring an awesome blend of glorious chord progressions, layered with intense, well refined harsh vocals, varying from mid to low screams, mezzo female and baritone male clean vocal lines, absolutely roaring drums, a thick bass tone and beautifully crafted lead guitar lines and solos. Half time and sub divisional changes give an air of diversity, and a refreshing breeze of creativity. It’s obvious that Crowen spent a long time forging this masterpiece, its sections have been carefully placed to maximise the impact of each.

‘Prophecy’ has an almost mystic feel to it, incorporating a vast array of folk influences. It twists and turns like a Scandinavian landscape, offering peaks and troughs effortlessly, in quick succession. It’s a shame there isn’t more to listen to, as this EP certainly leaves you wanting more. Its only drawbacks are the abrupt end to ‘Prophecy’, and perhaps a lack of musical space. It may be worthwhile for Crowen to incorporate more traditional instruments into longer, more ambient sections, to really emphasise the folk element of their sound.

"Melodic folk-death metal band Crowen reveal remarkable EP 'Prophecy'"

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