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BALLS GONE WILD set release date for new METALVILLE album, reveal cover & tracklisting

Today, Metalville Records announces July 22nd as the international release date for Balls Gone Wild‘s new studio album, Stay Wild.

Stay Wild is the name of the new album by the turbo rock trio Balls Gone Wild from Cologne. To celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary, the guys are giving themselves an album with 11 songs full of power, melody, and above all, hooks, hooks, hooks.

The band recorded the new record with producer Martin Buchwalter at Gernhart Studio in Troisdorf (near Cologne), just like the previous album, High Roller. The listener immediately notices that three guys have gone to work here who know how to hold their instruments. The joy of playing and good humor drip out of every pore when you put on the songs and turn them up. So…LISTEN LOUD!!!

Balls Gone Wild: This is the punk and hard rock sound of the ’70s and ’80s with a fresh wind in the here and now!

The smell of beer is in the air, and it sounds like the result of an extramarital liaison between Motörhead and AC/DC. TURBO ROCK PAR EXCELLENCE!!! 

First single to be revealed shortly. Cover and tracklisting for Stay Wild are as follows:

Tracklisting for Balls Gone Wild’s Stay Wild
1. Killing One
2. Hangman
3. School On Fire
4. Feel My Love
5. Twist Of Fate
6. Masked City
7. Stay Wild
8. Knocked Out
9. Plata O Plomo
10. Ready For Love
11. Bride Of Satan

Vince van Roth – vox & bass
Tom Voltage – guitars & backing Vox
Artyrium – drums & backing Vox


Come on in!

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