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Tool – ‘10,000 Days’

Release Date
Tool Dissectional/Volcano Entertainment
Progressive Metal

This afternoon the Metal Digest office we’re taking a progressive route by blasting out ‘10,000 Days’, the 2006 album from Tool. Although this album never quite hit the stride of the likes of ‘Lateralus’ or ‘Ænema’, this album showed that Tool were capable of continuing what Tool do well into the new millennium with Tool fans finding new tracks to explore and digest through the likes of ‘The Pot’, ‘Jambi’ and ‘Vicarious’. It may not be every Tool fans favourite album, but time and time again, these tracks are played and stand up well against the rest of Tool’s catalogue and who can deny that album cover? It is an album cover that the listener can find themselves getting lost in, particularly if you’re a fan of hallucinogenic drugs. So this afternoon, crank it up loud and really get into all those nooks and crannies so that you can discuss it with those other Tool fans surrounding you or are they hallucinations conjured up by your mind and you’re on your own? Who knows? Have a chat anyway…

Come on in!

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