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Ted Nugent – ‘Detroit Muscle’

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Pavement Music
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                Did you know that Ted Nugent is actually a musician? Who’d have thought it considering he spends most of his days spouting inflammatory soundbites that cause certain media outlets to give it a platform to be heard. However, this year, Nugent gets back behind the guitar for the first time in almost four years and releases his latest album ‘Detroit Muscle’.

                At this point in his career, Nugent doesn’t really have anything to prove to anybody and therefore, ‘Detroit Muscle’ sticks to what he knows and that is his hometown, guns and the American Dream. When it comes down to it, this is really Nugent by numbers, there are some decent tracks here and as always, the Motor City Madman shows that he is an excellent guitarist who delivers decent rhythm and blues in a hard rock style. Tracks such as ‘Born in the Motor City’, ‘Feedback GrindFIRE’ and ‘American Campfire’ are very much stereotypically in the Ted Nugent vein, they don’t do anything that the guitarist hasn’t done before and although ‘Star Spangled Banner’ really plays into the Ted Nugent remit, it wouldn’t be missed had it not been there in the first place.

                ‘Detroit Muscle’ is a short and sweet, at 11 tracks, it gets in and out without ever overstaying its welcome. It doesn’t do anything unexpected; it is decent but nowhere near great or outstanding, but it does deliver some decent rock n’ roll with that raw Detroit soul and shows just how good Nugent can be when he lets his guitar do the talking instead of him.

"delivers some decent rock n’ roll with that raw Detroit soul"

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