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Rammstein – ‘Zeit’

Universal Music
Lindemann, Emigrate, Eisbrecher, OOMPH!, Megaherz
Release Date
Universal Music
Industrial Metal/Rock

Du. Du hasst. Du hasst das? Nein! It’s time to brush up your German and get the leather out of storage for Rammstein’s new album, ‘Zeit’.

For older fans of Rammstein this album will be exactly what you would expect from a Rammstein album… Heavy industrial with relieving synth overtones. The opening track, ‘Armee der Tristen’, starts out with an almost 80’s style synth, and then comes the heavy march of the main body of the song that will have you nodding your head along in no time. The song is quickly followed up with the album’s title track, ‘Zeit’, which at first will have you wondering if you have mistakenly changed album, with movie-esque countertenor vocals over a haunting piano. This tack nicely builds up as if you can feel the pain that comes with the passage of time, as the name would suggest, and the lack of control we have over our own mortality with each grain of sand falling in an hourglass. The entire album carries on with the strength of these tacks, as Rammstein fans would come to expect, with powerful and thought-provoking songs that still make you want to stand up and beat the air with your fist as you sing along (for us non-German speakers) to words we don’t fully understand, yet weirdly understand the general message of what we’re being told. The album is nicely finished off with their song, ‘Adieu’, which talks about the final aspect of time… Death. Opening with the lyrics “Nur der Tod währt alle zeit”, which translates roughly to “Only death lasts forever”, will give you an idea of the tone and the powerful meaning of track.

All in all, this is a very good album and will be an instant hit for any industrial, or Rammstein fan.

"an instant hit for any industrial or Rammstein fan"

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