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Powertryp – ‘Midnight Marauder’

Rafchild Records
Judas Priest, Accept, Saxon
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Rafchild Records
Heavy Metal

Since joining the Metal Digest team, I have been enthralled by (and subjected to) an amazing array of artists. Tons of wonderfully innovative and impossibly talented individuals not getting the recognition they deserve, but we are doing our best. Sometimes, just need to jam out to the basics. Erlangen, Germany’s Powertryp provides exactly that, plus a few interesting turns to keep it interesting.

The second release from these longtime friends, ‘Midnight Marauder’ ‘is a good solid album with plenty of beefy riffs, catchy hooks, and zero pretenses. Guitars are rugged and edgy; the rhythm section is thundering and airtight. Johannes “Gonzo” Korda’s vocals have a simmering bravado that fits the band’s sound like a glove. Higher notes are not quite his forte’, but he makes up for that with his earnest approach. Overall, ‘Midnight’ stays somewhere between NWOBHM with a smattering of Power Metal. The band’s sound has more than a passing resemblance to several iconic bands (you decide) but I’m pretty sure they don’t profess to be the next big thing. With ‘Midnight’ they have delivered good old, barebones Metal. In a time of gimmicks and unrealistic expectations, ‘Midnight’ is quite refreshing. 

I must call attention to “Out of Ashes.” Clocking in at around nine minutes, its multiple tempo changes and arrangements make this the album’s most ambitious track by far. By and large, ‘Midnight’ is filled with straight-up rockers; “Ashes,” however, is something special.

Good old-fashioned Metal done very well. Powertryp is a band Erlangen can be proud of.

"Good old-fashioned Metal done very well"

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