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Moloken – ‘Unveilance of Dark Matter’

The Sign Records
Cult of Luna, Kongh, Rorcal, Vuara
Release Date
The Sign Records
Atmospheric Sludge Metal/Post-Hardcore

Moloken formed in Umea in Sweden and have been together since 2007. Bringing in elements of death/doom and black metal as well as 70’s progressive rock with Moloken sitting in their own box, not being able to be pigeonholed easily with the goal of Moloken always being to create something of their own whilst acknowledging that they also stand on the shoulders of giants. ‘Unveilance of Dark Matter’ was released back in 2020 and stains like coffee or blood and manages to leave a good lasting impression.

Through tracks such as ‘Surcease’ which is one of the shortest, direct and forthright songs as it combines modern melodies with just enough open despair to make it a decent song whilst ‘No Ease, No Rest’, ‘Repressed’ and ‘One Last Breath’ are well-timed interludes of just under two minutes which break up the album. On ‘Unveilance…’ each track brings their own identity to the album and allows the musicians to show their prowess, skill and mastery. The melodic hauntings throughout tie the album together beautifully and whilst ‘Lingering Demise’ is the longest track at nearly seven minutes, it is one hell of a journey! With headphones in, every aspect of ‘Unveilance…’ infuses the mind, the vocals are tuneful, touching the soul with its growling, shouting and screaming whilst the guitars create apocalyptic and melodic blasts that take centre stage and whilst the drums do not totally dominant the mix being a wonderful companion rather than a competitor to the rest of the ensemble.

They may be named Moloken, but we don’t get downhearted, this is wonderfully diverse, a patchwork of music which is melodic with its growling and mismatch chords coupled with quiet heartfelt moments and is at the end of the day, a stroke of genius.

"a patchwork of genres that is a stroke of genius"

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