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Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – ‘Wilde Kinder’

Nuclear Blast
Rammstein, Crematory, Tiamat, Samael, Cemetary 1213
Release Date
Nuclear Blast
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

                It is only naturally that bands which have been going for so long should go through some sort of stylistic change and to be honest, most bands go through it at some point. One such band are Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (DAR) who have moved steadily away from their death metal roots towards a standard heavy metal sound and now the Germans are back with their latest album ‘Wilde Kinder’.

                It hasn’t actually been a long time since DAR last released an album and therefore ‘Wilde Kinder’ continues on from the sound that ‘The Divine Horsemen’ laid down in 2021. Yet, ‘Wilde Kinder’ is not some leftovers, scraps that weren’t good enough for the previous album because ‘Wilde Kinder’ is big step forward in song writing and craftsmanship. Naturally, this album will continue to alienate those who long for DAR’s past as tracks such a ‘Volle Kraft’, ‘Euer Gott ist der Tod’ and the title track show a band touching on genres from death right through heavy metal and industrial and whilst some of these tracks may have the over-arching feel of Rammstein outtakes, it is indicative of a band which are currently trying to re-find and re-affirm their identity in the metal world because as it stands, they’re currently not sure.

                This doesn’t stop ‘Wilde Kinder’ from having its moments of sublime goodness and it does tick a lot of boxes, just don’t expect it to be an album that screams out for the listener to play it over and over again.  

"has its moments of sublime brilliance"

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