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Audrey Horne – ‘Devil’s Bell’

Napalm Records
Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Dokken, The Dagger, Ghost
Release Date
April 22, 2022
Napalm Records
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Imagine being in a black or death metal band and getting the itch to play something else? What do you do? Do you change direction of the band you’re in or begin work on a different project all together? This was the dilemma for members of Enslaved and Gorgoroth who decided to ply their hand at hard rock/heavy metal with Audrey Horne who have released their latest album ‘Devil’s Bell’.

                What ‘Devil’s Bell’ offers here is a band which take their influence from classic heavy metal and hard rock and deliver it with the guile, skill and intensity of veterans who are used to expertly song crafting. ‘Devil’s Bell’ is a hugely enjoyable album of old-school chest beating power as tracks such as ‘Danse Macabre’, ‘Breakout’ and ‘Toxic Twins’ hum with all the enjoyability of Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow and Dokken with their huge catchy chorus’ and sing along parts which will have the listener humming for days. Even rarer, the instrumental here, ‘Return to Grave Valley’ will force the listener to nod their head as it gallops forward with all the energy of Iron Maiden’s ‘Transylvania’.

                ‘Devil’s Bell’ is a decent album of infectious tracks; these songs are insidious, building slowly until the listener finds themselves in a position where they are playing the album over and over again and if you’re looking for a decent hard rock/heavy metal with no pretention and does exactly what it needs to do, then ‘Devil’s Bell’ is a bloody good shout.

"decent hard rock/heavy metal with no pretention and does exactly what it needs to do"

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