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Copenhagen blackened HC-crew THROWE releases debut album ‘Forfald’

 Copenhagen blackened HC-crew THROWE releases debut album ‘Forfald’ 
Stream THROWE’s debut album ‘Forfald’ HERE

 Today sees the release Copenhagen of blackened hardcore crew THROWE’s debut album ‘Forfald’ (‘Decay’ in Danish). Throughout the album’s seven hard hitting tracks, the band communicates the personal struggle of life, which all humans experience. They do this through a straight forward blackened hardcore insisting on honesty and the communion, that exactly this music has to offer, as visually conveyed in the album’s two video singles ‘Aerosol Jesus’ and ‘Myriader’. Lead singer Kim Rock states on the album release:
“Finally, we can present the culmination of three year’s work in a small rehearsal room with blood, sweat and lukewarm beer. Please welcome FORFALD.”
 Watch the video for ‘Myriader’:
THROWE and ‘Forfald’ can be experienced live, when the band performs on June 12th at Underwerket in Copenhagen with Danish post punkers Violence and the American HC bands No Pressure and Sunami – event HERE.
THROWE was formed at the end of 2018 with base in Copenhagen, while conjuring an international constellation of members from England, Holland, Argentina and Denmark. After THROWE’s formation, the band released three singles with accompanying videos, played a string of shows and since then, they have been working on new material. Now, THROWE has completed the debut album ‘Forfald’ consisting of seven tracks running 28 minutes all in all. The music is hard hitting blackened hardcore which excels in its ultra heavy and direct aesthetics perfectly molded for the band’s high energy live performances. 
The struggle in life, before death concludes it, is a circumstance, which unites us as humans despite our differences. In the same way, music and not least hardcore with its eternal theme of human struggle can unite us beyond nationalities and other differing parameters. In its confrontation with the challenges of life and death, man’s inadequacy and decay, music can create strength, community and determination, and THROWE and ‘Forfald’ is a shining example of exactly this.
THROWE’s debut album ‘Forfald’ is produced by the band themselves, recorded by Patrick Fragtrup and guitarist Mads Østergaard, mixed and mastered by Jacob Bredahl with artwork from drummer Mike Simpson. The album is released digitally on the band’s own imprint Deathbird Records and the vinyl version will be out later in 2022 as a co-release between Heartland Records (DK), Virkelighedsfjern (DK), Vinyltrolden (DK), Maniyax Records (DE), Portagonist Music (US) and Drown Within Records (IT). 

THROWE – Forfald
Artwork by Mike Simpson 

Track List:1. Aerosol Jesus
2. Myriader
3. Hammer & Nails
4. Livslede
5. Forfald
6. Between Breath
7. Angst


Kim Rock –  Vocals

Mads Østergaard – Guitar

Guillermo Agustin Papetta – Guitar & Vocals
Marijn Vossen – Bass & Vocals

Mike Simpson – Drums


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