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Solitary – ‘XXV: Live at Bloodstock’

Metalville Records
Slammer, Xentrix, Exodus, Metalriff
Release Date
April 22, 2022
Metalville Records
Thrash Metal

                There aren’t many feelings out there that are better than a live performance, cramped up in a crowd, the lights go down and the powder keg is just waiting to explode into a violent pit of thrash metal. The blood, sweat and the beer. The holy trinity. UK thrashers Solitary celebrated 25 years in the business in 2019 by taking to the stage at Bloodstock Festival and now, this experience has been released as ‘XXV: Live at Bloodstock’.

Listening to a show like this may not be quite the same experience through your hi-fi speakers as it is stood there at the gig itself, but Solitary does a bloody good job in bringing it to your front room/bedroom as they deliver a blistering set of old-school thrash metal delivered in the Northern England style. Through quips of northern banter, Richard Sherrington brings classic Solitary songs such as ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’ and ‘Requiem’ against brutal modern offerings like ‘Trigger Point Atrocity’ and the fantastic ‘Architects of Shame’ together into a plethora of good, friendly violent fun.

‘XXV: Live at Bloodstock’ is a pure example of what thrash metal can do in the live example when it can go unchecked in its perfect breeding ground. It is a great way to celebrate a quarter of a century and hopefully it won’t be too long before another Solitary album.

"a great way to celebrate a quarter of a century"

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