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Radiant – ‘Written By Life’

Massacre Records
Kraemer, Felskinn, Sign X, Seventh Avenue, Nasson, Sinbreed
Release Date
April 22, 2022
Massacre Records
Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

                In the last decade, Herbie Langhans has found himself to be an in-demand vocalist, known for his work with Seventh Avenue, frequent guest with Avantasia and now the guy at the vocal helm of Firewind. Following the dissolution of Seventh Avenue, Langhans never strayed too far from his former bandmates and before too long had founded Radiant with the band releasing their self-titled debut back in 2018. Now, nearly four years later, Radiant are back with their second coming ‘Written by Life’.

                Fans of Seventh Avenue and Radiant’s first album will be pleased to know that musically, ‘Written by Life’ picks up exactly like no time had elapsed at all. This is an album which is big on melody, big of chorus’ and big on getting every single song here drilled into the head of the listener. From hard rock firepower and balladry through to melodic heavy metal drive, ‘Written by Life’ is wonderfully produced, it is crisp and modern allowing every instrument to shine whilst Langhans’ vocals spin wonderful and heartfelt stories. Tracks such as ‘Nightshift’, ‘Dare to Fail’ and ‘Real Passion Will Never Die’ show the band wearing their hearts on their sleeve, they love what they do, they’re going to tell you just how much they love doing it and how much they have dreamed of these moments from teenagers staring at the posters on their wall.

                ‘Written by Life’ is a captivating album, it is easy to listen to, easy to enjoy and easy to play again and again. It will probably end up with a niche audience, but that audience will absolutely adore it and if you are the sort of person who likes hard rock/melodic heavy metal, it is definitely something to pick up.

"easy to listen to, easy to enjoy and easy to play again and again"

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