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Mustan Kuun Lapset – ‘Ei Sävyjä Pimeässä’

Inverse Records
Thy Serpent, Mirzadeh, Alghazanth
Release Date
Inverse Records
Dark/Black Metal

Dark metal, what is it? How do we define the parameters between it and black, gothic or doom metal? Hard to say, though Mustan Kuun Lapset’s ‘Ei Sävyjä Pimeässä’ gives it a good shot.Unabated yet trudgy, with a distinguished apathetic vibe, ‘Ei Sävyjä Pimeässä’ trawls through a series of Lo-Fi, ‘rare and hard to get’ material, a compilation of late 90s tracks from the band’s first musical decade. It would be difficult to say that this album is a competitor by today’s standards, or even the band’s recent releases, yet it does contain many unusual compositional inclusions. Its most out-jutting features are the plethora of trippy song interludes and introductions, gothic-esque synthesiser layers and its dour atmosphere. It is important to keep in mind this album’s age, which surely is an earmark for the relevance of these aspects.
Springing facets of black metal, folk metal, and gothic metal, Mustan Kuun Lapset created something perfectly balanced between intensity and narcosis. ‘Ei Sävyjä Pimeässä’ barrels through passages with charging tempos, diatonic minor or harmonic minor guitar riffs, garden shed style drums, and a clean, almost blobby bass tone poking holes in the mix. Its most impressive characteristics are its early progressive metal/early Opeth style components and its gothic synth additions which certainly up the spooky-ante. Its thin, scratchy black metal shrieks are a classic throwback to bands like Emperor, Darkthrone and Mayhem.

Whether this album serves as a benchmark for dark metal is hard to say, mostly because of the murky opacity surrounding dark metal’s textural boundaries and genre legitimacy. However, it would be appropriate to label this album as black metal, which fits roughly into its second wave’s stylistic definitions. Its divergence from the caustic and discordant aspects of black metal grants ‘Ei Sävyjä Pimeässä’ a certain commendable authenticity and allure.
This album may have been a precedent for the band’s progress and benchmarks their origins, from 25 years ago. Perhaps, Ei Sävyjä Pimeässä serves as a reversion to earlier times, bringing to light the development of Mustan Kuun Lapse.

"Finland's black/dark metal muse Mustan Kuun Lapset release 90s throwback compilation 'Ei Sävyjä Pimeässä'"

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