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Exodus – ‘Bonded By Blood’

Release Date
Torrid/Combat Records
Thrash Metal

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office, we’re blasting out a real thrash metal classic, ‘Bonded by Blood’, the 1985 album from Exodus. Even by their debut album, Exodus were famous for having their guitarist pinched by Metallica, but truth be told, Gary Holt is ten-times the guitarist as he and Paul Baloff battened down the Exodus hatches and created a real bloody beast. ‘Bonded By Blood’ was good, friendly, violent fun and it taught that lesson well and from the metal command, we banged our head against the stage whilst Exodus attacked. ‘Bonded by Blood’ may not get the same accolades as the albums from the so called Big 4, but dig beneath those and you’ll find that it is Exodus that rule the Bay Area with an iron fist!

Come on in!

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